Jeff McLaughlin Design



I have spent the past twenty years honing my design craft in a variety of mediums and work environments.  I began my career in theatre and have designed sets and/ or lighting for hundreds of productions. Multiple plastic statues and plaques adorn my faux mantle and point to the fact that many people think I am pretty good at what I do.  I have worked on hundreds of more productions at the management level in either crew or production capacities and built hundreds of sets, so my right brain is constantly checked by my left brain, making me a very budget conscious designer. 

I have worked as a production designer or art director on multiple feature films, television shows and commercials as well.  My commercial clients have included NBC, Huawei (their entire Super Bowl campaign), K-Swiss and Tropicana.  I have always had the ability to speak intelligently with clients and directors of any level without intimidation on my part or disrespect on theirs. Varying budget levels bring a wide range of personalities and I’ve dealt with most of them at this point.

I crisscrossed the country multiple times and been around the world working on sales meetings and events for a diverse roster of clients such as Washington Mutual Bank, Proctor & Gamble, Infiniti and In-and-Out.

As a freelancer for most of my career, I have been forced into a life of balancing multiple projects at the same time.  It’s second nature now to bounce from one project to another.  




Los Angeles, CA